create space in your life for the things that really matter to you

You want more space, time, energy and capacity for the things that really matter to you. For the things you dream of having time to do, the things you love doing in your business, the way you dream of mothering, the way you want to spend your days.

You want to spend less time doing things you have to do and more time doing things you love to do.

You want things to feel easier.

You want to walk into any space in your home and feel like your shoulders relax instead of tense.

You want to increase your ability to do the things in your business that light your soul on fire.

You want to feel really damn amazing every single day, no matter what the season of life is asking of you!

EXPANDED is a 5 week coaching program limited to 8 women, to keep the group support really personal and close.

In our trainings, we’ll cover 10 principles that you can implement across any area of your life where you’re wanting to reduce the overwhelm and feel EXPANDED in your motherhood, home, business and life.

You’ll also each get a weekly one on one call with me to create personal strategies, work on your mindset and check in with how you’re feeling.

We start on Monday November 16th, or sooner if we have our 8 amazing ladies ready to get started!

You get:
– weekly 1:1 30 minute coaching session with me
– 10 quick, impactful training videos
– exclusive Facebook community for support, questions and celebrating
– downloadable resources
– forever access to the content via a FB group