9 ways in 9 days to reduce the overwhelm

Over 9 days, we’ll cover 9 principles that you can implement across any area of your life where you’re wanting to reduce the overwhelm and feel EXPANDED in your motherhood, home, business and life.
EXPANDED is not a decluttering challenge, although we do cover a little bit about physical stuff. This is so much more than physical items in our spaces.
EXPANDED is about teaching you the 9 core principles you can then launch from to create the daily lifestyle you’re craving.
The ease, the flow, the way you spend your time, the tasks you do, the way you interact with your family, the way you FEEL!
We start on Monday October 12th
You get:
– 9 short training videos (max 15 minutes long)
– 9 days of support and encouragement
– the middle weekend off to implement or catch up on trainings
– forever access to the content via a FB group
– option to join via Facebook or Instagram
AND…..all participants in EXPANDED get $50 credit towards any 1:1 SPACIOUS Lifestyle Coaching program after the 9 days has finished.

EXPANDED will run on both Facebook (inside an private group) and on Instagram (via a group DM chat and “close friends only” Instagram stories)!

The principles and content delivered on both will be the same but hosting on both platforms allows for you to hang out on the platform that works for you.

You’re welcome to be a part of one or both spaces.