♥ GLOW ♥

Finding magic in the magnificent
and the mundane

When you truly embody gratitude, as in feel it right into your bones, the impact on how you look at your life, how you interact with other people, how you feel day to day and how you approach hard stuff changes dramatically.

You’ll truly GLOW.

You’ll begin to notice the positive things in your days, more than you notice the negative.

You’ll see how you can transform any feelings of “poor me” into feelings of “gosh, how lucky I am”.

It doesn’t mean the hard stuff isn’t there but you will see it differently.

I promise not to turn you into a lah-di-dah, bouncing, singing Mary Poppins of Positivity…(unless you want that!).

But I will guide you and teach you how to make gratitude such an integral and easy part of your thinking and your days that you will truly and deeply GLOW.

1 month, 30 days, live video workshops and daily prompts will make a whole world of difference to your state of being!

You can start at any time and have forever access to the course content.

Let’s GLOW!