Virtual Mama Mentoring

This is for you, Mama. This is for your experience and journey of motherhood. This is about your feelings, the things playing on your mind, the things you dream of changing or the things that are ticking you off.

This is for your time as mama, as partner, as friend, as you.

You give so much to your children and now I’m giving you permission to give so much to yourself too. The more you nourish yourself, the more you’ll have available to give to others. The better you feel, the better they’ll feel.

You’re allowed to feel good.

You’ll have me in your corner for online one on one support using a free voice or text messaging app (called Voxer). You can brain dump your thoughts, feelings, frustrations and wonderings to me and I will reply within 24 hours. I’ll listen, guide, support, mentor and love on you. I’ll (virtually!) walk alongside you through your motherhood days.

You’re allowed for motherhood to feel really good for you.!

So let’s bring more confidence, ease and lightness into your mothering.

“EASE: Virtual Mama Mentoring” is ongoing support: $75 per month, which is automatically processed through PayPal. To opt out, simply cancel through your PayPal account.