motherhood gets to feel good for you too

We’re constantly told that motherhood is “meant” to be overwhelming.
That we’re “supposed” to feel like at any minute we might snap.
That we can “only choose two” from our sanity, having a tidy home and having happy kids.

I’m calling bullshit. Because I know it’s not true.

Motherhood doesn’t have to feel like it’s pulling you in 27,000 different directions.

I want you to have more space, to feel more spaciousness.

More space for rest, more space for connection, more space for you, more space for following your dreams, more space for presence…

There ARE enough hours in the day. There ARE enough days in the week.
You DO have enough energy.
You ARE capable of having sanity, home AND happy kids all at once. And with energy left over.

You don’t have to feel so overwhelmed all the freaking time.


The Unstretched Motherhood Membership is an ongoing space of support, learning, encouragement, cheerleading, heart-hitting truths, mum hacks and wisdom.

It’s a bit practical and a bit magical.
Mixing intuition and intelligence.
Working on both the external and internal overhwelm.

It’s about creating space in your days, in your calendar, in your home, in your family, in your business, in YOUR life for the things that really matter to you.

Are you ready to get unstretched?!


How do I access the membership and content?

The Unstretched Motherhood Membership is run entirely inside a private Facebook group, you can access here.
All videos, images and downloadables are accessible via your Facebook account.

How much time will I need? Is it a lot of content to get through?

The Unstretched Motherhood Membership is a developing library of resources to help you and for you to pick and choose what you need.
Weekly workshops will be recorded live and added to the growing library for you to come back to and watch as many times as you like.
I am a mum of 4 so I know how your precious time is! It is 110% NOT my goal for you to feel more overwhelmed by being in our community.

The Unstretched Motherhood Membership exists to help you feel less overwhelmed in your motherhood. I want you to be able to create the change you’re craving in your home, life, motherhood or business as easily as possible!

What if I decide I want to leave the membership?

We’ll miss you!
You can cancel your subscription and leave our community any time it suits you. You need to cancel your subscription via your PayPal account.